We're doing a Kickstarter!

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Hello Everyone!

You may or may not have noticed that there hasn't been as much social media activity with Slow Your Roll these past two month. We promised that we were working hard on something very secret and very big! So today we're finally going to announce the next phase of Slow Your Roll!

Slow Your Roll is going to open up a BOARD GAME LOUNGE! Yes we're taking the leap and finally expanding in the direction we wanted!

Its a work in progress but we expect to be finished by the end of the month

The board game lounge will be located at 190 Keawe St. in the heart of downtown Hilo! 

To celebrate the launch, we have created a Kickstarter to help us get the necessary funds to create the best tabletop gaming experience we can for the people of Hilo.

We also are going to be sending out invites to various OPEN HOUSE days where people can come by and play games for free! 

Please consider supporting the Kickstarter financially or by sharing with your friends and family. 



Link to the Kickstarter:





As always, we appreciate all the support we have received locally as well as across the US. We believe by opening this location we'll be able to grow and help foster a better gaming community on Hawaii Island. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,






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