7 Month Milestones!

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Welcome again Internet traveler!

We wanted to give everyone an update as to where we are with our growth in online orders. Slow Your Roll reached some amazing milestones in the last seven months, especially in April. We completed 2000 lifetime sales, with 1752 lifetime reviews! We are maintaining a 99.9% satisfaction rating, with currently only 1 neutral review and 1 negative review. During our first seven months, we've also reached Gold Star Seller status, meaning that we are part of the most reputable sellers on TCGPlayer. 

7 month stats

We've been pretty quiet lately regarding what we plan on doing next. For the month of May we are going to spend our time developing methods to better serve our customers, by more efficiently stocking, organizing, and listing inventory. We will also be releasing new products to our online store (namely two or three new shirt designs). Don't believe me? Our newest design is available RIGHT NOW!

"Cast Fireball"

The most common question we've had in the last couple weeks is "When are where are the next board game nights?" We'll be starting that back up again in the beginning of July. We're in the process of finding a more permanent location for board games nights. We're still planning to do board game nights again at the University next semester, though details are still up in the air. I wish I could tell you more, but I really, really don't want to jinx some of the stuff I'm working on. 


Again, thank you for all the support you've given Slow Your Roll these last 7 months. Its starting to feel like all the late nights listing cards and meeting with collaborators is finally starting to pay off. We probably have a hundred ideas that we're dying to try out, but sometimes you just gotta slow your roll.

Thank you for taking a chance with us,

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